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The Central Bank of Turkmenistan has issued gold and silver commemorative coins to mark 25 years of Turkmenistan’s neutrality.

The new coins in a denomination of 100 manats each will be a worthy addition to the extensive collection of modern numismatic rarities, a true chronicle of times set in metal.

On the obverse, the new coins bear an image of the symbol of the year designated as “Turkmenistan: A Land of Neutrality” in the center against the rising sun’s rays. The upper and bottom parts of the coins carry the following inscriptions “TÜRKMENISTANYŇ MERKEZI BANKY” and “1995-2020” respectively along the inner edge.

The reverse of the coins features the State Emblem of Turkmenistan in the center with a semicircular inscription “TÜRKMENISTANYŇ MERKEZI BANKY” above. The coins have a lettering “ÝÜZ MANAT”, indicating a face value, a hallmark stamp and weight at the bottom.

The gold coin (Au916.7) weighs 39.94 grams and the silver coin (Ag925) weighs 28.28 grams. The coins are 38.61 in diameter. The new numismatic pieces are highly-polished, shiny and mirror-like. Their relief boasts a high level of precision even in small detail.

A certificate of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan certifies that the coins are made to the highest quality Proof standard.

The coins were minted by Eng Leong Medalliс Industries Pte Ltd. (Singapore), the manufacturer of national orders, decorations and medals.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan