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Turkmenistan’s Central Bank Issues Coins Dedicated to International Rally Raid

In the run-up to the Amul – Hazar 2018 International Rally Raid, the country’s Central Bank issued commemorative gold and silver coins with a face value of 100 manats.

Numismatic novelties, made by Eng Leong Medallic Industries Pte Ltd (Republic of Singapore) will be a perfect gift and source of pride for local and foreign collectors, as well as for participants and guests of the Amul – Hazar 2018 International Rally Raid.

The central part of the obverse features a sports car in the sandy dunes, against the background of a rising sun, with the logo of the rally above it. The semicircular inscription «2018-NJI ÝYLDA «AMUL-HAZAR 2018» HALKARA AWTORALLI ÝARYŞY» is located in the upper part, and «TÜRKMENISTAN-2018» is placed in the lower part of the coin. The writings are separated by octagonal patterns.

The reverse of both coins features the National Emblem of Turkmenistan in the center, with semicircular inscription «TÜRKMENISTANYŇ MERKEZI BANKY» in the upper part and the face value «ÝÜZ MANAT» in the lower part. Commemorative coins, 38,61 mm in diameter, were minted in 916.7 gold and 925 silver. The weight of numismatic novelties is 39.94 grams and 28.28 grams respectively. The writings are separated by octagonal patterns.

The high quality of the coins is guaranteed by attached certificates of the country’s Central Bank.

a tenne  State News Agency of Turkmenistan