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Topical issues of home and foreign policy of Turkmenistan are reviewed at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers

On March 9, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held regular session of the Cabinet of Ministers. Having announced the agenda, the Head of the State gave floor to Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Foreign Minister R. Meredov who reported on preparation to coming official visit of the President of Turkmenistan to the State of Kuwait and United Arab Emirates.

As it was noted, consolidation and expansion of beneficial cooperation with interested states including Middle East countries is one of key directions of foreign course of our country.

Traditionally friendly dialog with the State of Kuwait and United State Emirates can be given as a visual example in this case. Regular contacts on Government level and between foreign departments as well as cooperation under competent international organizations as the UN, ICO and other indicate positive dynamics of Turkmen – Kuwaiti and Turkmen - Emirati relations.

The main role in the development of interstate partnership is given to high-level meetings and talks. The Vice-premier, Head of Foreign Ministry presented the programmes of coming visits to the Head of the State for review. The visits are expected to result in signing of number of bilateral documents.

Summing up the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that independent neutral Turkmenistan is committed to the strategy of equal fruitful international cooperation that meets the interests of universal peace and prosperity.

Speaking of this, Turkmen leader highlighted the importance of coming high-level talks, which are to outline the key vectors of beneficial cooperation with the State of Kuwait and United Arab Emirates on long-term basis and to add new content meeting modern realities to interstate partnership.

In this regard, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave number of relative assignments on preparation and provision of high organizational level of the visits that are very important in the context of further development of fruitful relations with Middle East countries to the Vice-premier, the Head of Foreign Ministry.

After, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers G. Myradov reported on elaboration of the Draft State Programme of support of small and medium entrepreneurship in Turkmenistan in 2018 – 2024 developed together with relative ministries, departments and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the country.

This programme reflecting key objectives of social and economic development of the country is aimed at the increment of the competiveness of national economy both in regional and on global level, at the improvement of export potential of the state, food independence, at the stimulation of production, innovative and investment activity of private sector.

Summing up the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that the entrepreneurship is given with an important role in steadfast development of national economy during its transit to market relations. Having approved the project of the above-mentioned programme, the Head of the State instructed to provide unremitting control of the measures of the state support of private sector.

In his report, the Vice-premier informed about the results of the working visit of the delegation of International Monetary Fund to Turkmenistan and bilateral meetings in the ministries and departments. Informational statement giving high appraisal to economic development of our country, macroeconomic indices and success achieved owing to fundamental changes made under the leadership of the Head of the State has been made by the outcomes of the visit of IMF delegation. The statement is to be placed at the website of the IMF.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that Turkmenistan would continue following the course of fundamental reforms. Steadfast measures for transit to market relations are carried out, large-scale infrastructural projects are implemented and financial, banking, budgetary, tax, monetary and crediting systems are improved for this purpose. In this case, flexible macroeconomic policy, efficient solution of the objectives of the industrialization and modernization of national economy, implementation of latest technologies as well as study of the best world practice, consolidation of the cooperation with leading international financial structures including the IMF are very important.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers O. Gurbannazarov reported on the preparation of the exhibition and conference of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the foundation of this organization. In this regard, it was informed that members of the UIET specialized in such spheres as industry, agriculture, construction and construction materials, processing and food industry, transport, logistics, tourism, education, trade and services would present their achievements on March 17 – 18.

Outcomes of the activity of the Union for 10 years will be summed up, future objectives will be reviewed and measures for the achievement of the objectives in private sector defined in the Programme of social and economic development of Turkmenistan in 2018 – 2024 will be outlined during the conference.

Having requested to organize coming exhibition and conference on high level, the Head of the State highlighted that they have not only to demonstrate the successes but also to become an event that would support the promotion of products and services of private enterprises in local and foreign markets, would define actual directions of the intensification of investment and innovative processes in national business.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Babayev reported on the realization of the Programme of development of oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan until 2030 and on the situation in different sectors of fuel and energy complex of the country.

The Vice-premier also made report on the work carried out for further improvement of the activity of structural divisions of the branches under his supervision.

Summing up the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused on priority aspects of energy policy of Turkmenistan aimed at the realization of industrial potential and foreign economic interests of the country.

The Head of the State ordered to hold under permanent control the projects of the modernization of branch infrastructure, introduction of latest technologies and advanced scientific and technical developments, construction of modern gas processing facilities making production highly demanded in the world markets.

After, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers E. Orazgeldiyev reported on seasonal agricultural works in the velayats.

It was mentioned that according to agrotechnical standards and taking into account weather conditions, vegetation irrigation and mineral fertilizing of winter crops is carried out. At the same time, levelling of the land, irrigation and other planned activities are carried out at the field for cotton.

Information about the preparation of coming al-nation tree planting campaign on March 21, during which big greening works are to be held in the capital and the regions. Particularly, it is planned to plant the seedling of mulberry on 15 hectares and fruit trees on 5 hectares of Nowruz ýaýlasy Valley of Ahal velayat.

Having listened to the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that at present, large-scale reforms are successfully carried out in agricultural complex of the country, owing to which the industry is steadily developed.

Nowadays, responsible time is coming to the cotton growers – preparation to spring cotton sowing is carried out, the President continued, having highlighted that future harvest of cotton mainly depends on compliance with agrotechnical standards during sowing and hence, it is important that this campaign would be held on time and on high level.

Having instructed to start cotton sowing on March 23 in Ahal, Lebap and Mary Velayat and on March 28 in Dashoguz Velayat, the President of Turkmenistan expressed the wish that according to good tradition, the start to its important even would be given with the participation of the elders.

Reporting on the situation in industrial sphere, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers K. Durdymyradov informed on the fulfilment of the assignments on creation of import substitutive productions in textile industry given by the Head of the State earlier.

It was informed that the Ministry of Textile Industry announced international tender on construction of new branch facility in Ahal Velayat and on modernization of existing Gyoktepe and Mary Leather Plants and Turkmen Kalkan Shoe Factory for the development of national leather industry, improvement of its processing segment and arrangement of making of various products.

Having listened to the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted the necessity of balanced development of national light industry for saturation of local market with high quality goods. The country has all conditions including powerful production potential and rich material resources for the solution of these objectives.

After, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers D. Amangeldiyev reported on the measures taken for the development of Ashgabat.

It was mentioned that according to the assignments given by the Head of the State earlier, proper work for care of the public gardens and parks, planting of decorative trees, shrubs and flowers along capital roads is carried out. Planned activities for further improvement of architectural appearance of the city, construction of new living complexes, reconstruction of houses’ facades and planning of the streets are carried out as well.

Great attention is paid to the development of transport structure – the main roads are reconstructed and new bridges and road intersections are built. Maintenance of traffic control equipment is carried out at the parts of the roads with heavy traffic for the provision of comfort in passenger service.

According to the General Plan of the development of Turkmen capital, coordinated work for the improvement of social and engineering infrastructure is continued in all etraps.

Having highlighted an exclusive importance of large-scale urban construction programme, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused on the necessity of compliance with the main construction criteria, which are the comfort of people and provision of the reliability and durability of all facilities under construction.

The Head of the State ordered the Vice-premier to enhance the works carried out in all directions including the beautification of living massifs, planning of adjoining territories and improvement of work of municipal services and, greening, etc.

Having noted the importance of the modernization of road and transport infrastructure, the Head of the State requested to take proper measures for the fulfilment of all set objectives on time.

After, the floor for report in the ministries and departments under his supervision was given to Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers B. Annameredov.

Summing up the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted the importance of steadfast realization of the programmes of development of transport and communication adopted in the country and well-thought approach to the solution of set objectives of this spheres that takes modern tendencies into consideration.

Having pointed out that active integration of Turkmenistan having the richest resource base into international system is an actual objective of the present day, the President noted that airport complexes and railway stations provided with modern facilities and engineering infrastructure have been built, new railways and roads have been laid while the existing ones have been modernized for this purpose.

The measures taken by Turkmenistan for restoration of the Silk Route in the context of rapid formation of modern transport and transit logistic infrastructure and communication system gave strong impulse not only to the development of national economy but to the economy of other states in the region as well. In this regard, the Head of the State focused on the necessity of constant introduction of advanced technologies, sharing of experience and useful innovative developments with foreign partners and addressed the Vice-premier with number of specific assignments.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers B. Abdiyeva reported on the preparation to celebration events, which traditionally to be held in Nowruz ýaýlasy Valley on occasion of National spring holiday.

It was mentioned that National Spring Holiday that goes far to the history gains special meaning in the year held under slogan “Turkmenistan – the Heart of the Great Silk Road”.

Focusing on international significance, ethical, philosophic and cultural components of National Spring Holiday – International Nowruz Day that goes far back to the millenniums, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted its consolidating role in the modern world. Turkmen leader said that this holiday opens new ways for cooperation of the states for peace and stability on the planet, supports the consolidation of trust, understanding and friendship with foreign countries.

The President requested the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers to activate the work for wide popularization of the richest historical and cultural heritage of Turkmen nation in the world, which is evidenced by architectural monuments located along the Silk Road together with other values. Archaeological discoveries made recently in this area require further deep scientific study, the President of the country said.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers P. Agamyradov reported on preparation to the construction of the health resort for 200 patients in Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal Velayat. The Vice-premier also reported on the development of the state samples of the documents of education and presented their new samples for review by the Head of the State.

Having signed the Resolution on Construction of the health resort for 200 patients in Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal Velayat, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov ordered to control all the stages of construction.

Having noted that care of human is one of the main objective of the State, the President of Turkmenistan highlighted the appropriateness of the construction modern treatment and cosmetology centre specialized in various services including facial care, hair extension and other on the territory of medical facility. In this regard, the Head of the State instructed the Vice-premier to prepare relative proposals.

Turkmen leader also gave orders to the Vice-premier on preparation of the samples of state documents on education, having highlighted that it is necessary to introduce widely new technologies of education that are aimed at harmonic and comprehensive development of the individual and to improve methodological base of education.

Chairperson of the Mejlis A. Nurberdiyeva informed on law-making activity of National parliament and measures for consolidation and improvement of legal base of social and economic reforms in the country.

Information on the preparation to coming elections of the Mejlis deputies of the sixth convocation and members of the People’s Council and Genegshys has also been presented.

The Head of the State draw the attention of the deputy corps of the country on priority directions of work of the Parliament on the improvement of political culture in the country, strengthening of civic institutions and democratic processes. Speaking of election campaign in the country, the Head of Turkmenistan pointed out the necessity of strict control of all aspects of its conduct according to existing legislation and universal standards of international law.

Finishing the session of the Cabinet of Ministers, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished great success in work to all participants.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan