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Forums on the 23rd anniversary of the Turkmen manat

On November 1, a scientific practical conference timed to the 23rd anniversary of introducing the national monetary unit (manat) took place in the Central Bank of Turkmenistan. The heads and executives of the state and joint-stock-commercial banks, organisations of the financial and economic system, the Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Civil Servants at the President of Turkmenistan, teachers and students of higher educational institutions and the specialised Bank School took part in the forum.

During the conference the reports were presented on the history of monetary circulation in the country, development of the banking system over the years of independence, the importance of cardinal reforms which are carried out in Turkmenistan to improve this sector, productive cooperation with regional and authoritative international financial organizations.

According to the priority tasks specified in the “Government Program of Developing the Banking System for 2011-2030”, a complex work is carried out on the improvement of bank operations, increasing the amount of credits and deposits of the population, introducing the non-cash payment system with the use of advanced methods and modern technologies, professional development of the personnel.


State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)