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President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the opening of a large carpet complex

On February 15, on the threshold of the national holiday – Day of State Flag of Turkmenistan, the opening of a large industrial carpets and carpet products production Open Joint-Stock Company “Abadan haly” took place in Abadan etrap of the capital with participation of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov.

A super modern carpet making complex was built according to the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan to the order of “Abadan haly” Open Joint-Stock Company by the private building enterprise “Aga gurlushyk”, which is a member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan. The large-scale investment project, having laid a foundation for a new trend in the domestic light industry, combined such important components, as an effective use of local raw stock resources, saturation of the home market with a wide range of consumer goods which are not inferior in quality and design to the similar products of foreign manufacturers and expansion of the industry’s export potential.

According to the project, the enterprise occupies the total area of 14.5 hectares. A two-storied office building finished with stained-glass windows, four industrial buildings, a shopping center, warehouses for raw materials and finished goods, a number of engineering-technical, production-support facilities are located within a new enterprise zone.

The adjoining territory is well arranged and landscaped. There are lawns at the front side of the office building where young coniferous and deciduous trees and ornamental plants are shaped in the form of carpet patterns.

To a burst of applause of the ceremony attendants the leader of nation cuts a traditional ribbon and opens a new facility.

A new building complex includes a carpet production shop, a ready-made goods processing shop, two raw materials manufacturing shops such as polypropylenes and acrylic yarns, as well as a traditional handmade Turkmen carpets making shop. The latest technological equipment produced by leading foreign manufacturers is installed in machine shops, enabling the enterprise to turn out in an automated mode 800 thousand square meters of carpets and carpet products a year. When the enterprise starts to function at its full design capacity, 500 new workplaces will be created here.

The introduction of the latest scientific developments and innovations, the use of non-polluting technologies and cost-effective equipment is becoming the major condition of manufacturing the competitive production.

Thus, three hi-tech equipment lines of the Belgian company “Van De Wiele” – one of leaders in the European textile mechanical engineering industry, are involved in the largest carpet making shop.

These looms are capable of producing a large series of high-quality carpet production from modern synthetic materials with excellent consumer properties and in a wide assortment. Products made with the use of these looms can differ in their original design, a variety of styles, texture and color array depending on requirements and aesthetic preferences of the customer.

The only thing required from the customer is to give a photo or an ornament of the future product. The data are scanned and saved in the computer programs, the required calculations are made, and the machine starts to perform the necessary order in an automatic mode.

Polypropylene thread yarn and acrylic threads, which are produced in specialized shops from polypropylene and acrylic fiber granules delivered to the enterprise, are the raw stock for this manufacture.

The following indices show the scale of carpet manufacture: 19 thousand reels with yarn of various colors on every line of the weaving machinery can function simultaneously.

There are all possibilities at the enterprise to make carpets according to parameters of premises, and weave various patterns and inscriptions on them. In enterprise’s shopping center orders for the necessary sizes, design and ornamentation of carpets will be taken.

From a weaving shop the carpet cloth is moved to a special section where it is put to a number of technological operations to make it more attractive product for sale. The “Anmakmakina” (Turkey) equipment, on which the carpet cloth is additionally cleaned, strengthened with the use of special gluing solution, dried, fringed and teaseled, is installed and completely used this section. In the same shop, products are branded, rolled, packaged and each of finished item is weighed. In addition, all conditions are created in a new complex for restoration of carpet products that have been in use.

Getting acquainted with the manufacture, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov noted that placing on carpets of various images, congratulations on the occasion of significant dates and celebrations at the customer’s option, contributes to the higher demand products. In this view, the additional measures must be taken to increase the efficiency of work in this area, the leader of nation said, and gave the relevant authorities a number of commissions.

In addition, the head of state demanded that markings of ready and packaged carpets contain all user-needed information, including their color durability and wear resistance.

Then, the President of Turkmenistan proceeded to an artificial yarn production shop. The raw stock for this production is polypropylene granules, which are manufactured at domestic petrochemical enterprises of the country in sufficient volumes. To manufacture this yarn the hi-tech “Neumag” equipment of “Oerlikon” company is used. Under the high temperature pressure polypropylene granules and corresponding painting component turn into long threads, binding round 4.5 kg reels at a speed of 120 pieces per hour. There are also “Saurer” spinning machines of “Volkman” manufacturer of German developers “PoverHeatSeat” and “Gilbos” made in Belgium.

The capacities of this shop are calculated for production of 8 tons of artificial threads a day.

It should be noted that Italian “Tecno Mecanoca Bielese”, “Sant Anderea Nowara”, French “NSC”, as well as “Zinser”, “Schlahfors” (Germany), “Hemaks” (Turkey) equipment, installed in a separate specialized shop is used for production of soft and high-quality yarns from acrylic fibers. Depending on the intended purpose of products, polypropylenes and acrylic yarn is used in various combinations. Manufacturing of yarn from polypropylene which is produced in our country for making carpets considerably reduces production cost that makes carpets affordable for the population.

Description of the raw stock delivered to the enterprise such as white granules of polypropylene and multi-colored granules of dry paints, acryl fibers and other auxiliary materials, as well as carpet yarn already ready to use and samples of various carpet products made with the use of new equipment are presented in a museum that was opened on the ground floor of an office building of “Abadan haly” Open Joint-Stock Company. On the same floor is a computer hall where by means of special programs it is possible to independently develop a design of a future product, obtain desired information on carpet weaving.

Having stressed the importance of the regular measures to be taken to introduce the newest methods into the weaving industry, as well as in all sectors of the national economy, including active adoption of the advanced world experience and high scientific achievements, training of experts for these fields, the head of state gave the relevant authorities a number of concrete commissions.

Then, the leader of nation visited a next shop for manufacture of national Turkmen carpets which is a distinctive feature of the new carpet making enterprise.

The leader of nation was shown the felt making process from sheep and goat wool by means of cane mats as it was made in the olden time and has been preserved in its initial form till the century of high technologies.

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov charged vice-premier B.Ereshov and Chairman of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan A.Dadayev to study in details and find the effective ways of fulfilling the objectives on further development of the carpet weaving industry, creating necessary conditions for expanding exports of carpet products.

Pointing out healthy qualities of handmade Turkmen carpets, the President of Turkmenistan emphasized that the state will provide all necessary conditions for further development and enhancement of the man-made craft of Turkmen skilled women. The leader of nation also thanked women for preservation of the original arts and crafts of the Turkmen people.

Addressing vice-premier M.Yazmuhammedova, the leader of nation noted that experienced needlewomen, skilled felt makers, who revive the ancient national traditions in these crafts, should take an active part in creative competitions in the country. This would be of great importance in encouragement of the laborious work of Turkmen women who care for developing and perfecting the decorative and applied art of their native people, the head of state.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)