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Session of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan

On April 15, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov convened a regular Cabinet session to discuss the priority issues of state life and consider some draft documents.

Turning to the session agenda, the head of state gave the floor to Cabinet Deputy Chairman B. Hojamammedov to report on the activity of the sectors he is in charge of, and on the realization course of the first and second phases of “The 2013-2016 State Program for privatization of state-owned enterprises and buildings”. The List of state-run enterprises and buildings earlier proposed for privatization had also been analyzed and amended.

As the vice-premier informed, the third phase of the said State Program envisages the privatization of large enterprises in the industrial, building, transport-communications sectors, as well as in other industries, and the adoption of measures designed to establish a management authority for joint stock companies. All in all, twenty-nine facilities will be privatized. In this connection, the relevant lists were submitted to the President of Turkmenistan for consideration. 

The report also focused on the implementation progress of the commissions given earlier by the nation’s leader, in particular on the work on improving the procedure for foreign sales of some products and their shipment out of the country. A draft Decree was presented to the President of Turkmenistan for approval.

After approving the lists of enterprises and facilities, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov assigned the vice-premier to exercise control over the implementation of “The 2013-2016 State Program for privatization of state-owned enterprises and buildings”.

Highlighting the importance of the within-said work, the nation’s leader noted that the steps are aimed to support local producers and ensure the competitiveness of their products. Having signed the Decree, the head of state concentrated on the top-priority tasks specified in the document, and gave the vice-premier a number of concrete assignments.

Cabinet Deputy Chairman, Director of the State Agency for Management and Use of Hydrocarbon Resources under the President of Turkmenistan Ya. Kakaev centered his report on the implementation progress of “The Turkmenistan’s Oil-and-Gas Industry Development Program till 2030”, and the measures taken to foster international cooperation in the fuel and energy sector.

Having stressed the significance of international partnership’s further development in the energy sector, the President of Turkmenistan gave the vice-premier a number of specific instructions on attracting foreign investments to the industry, implementing joint projects aimed to create a multi-vector system of energy supplies to the global market, developing offshore hydrocarbon resources in the Caspian Sea (the Turkmen sector), all-round modernization of the petrochemical and gas processing industries.

Then, Cabinet Deputy Chairman E. Orazgeldiev was given the floor to inform about the progress of seasonal agri-works.

A draft Decree “On building a greenhouse to grow young ornamental trees and flowers” was submitted for consideration by the head of state. The facility with an area of 10 hectares will be constructed in Ak Bugdai etrap, Akhal velayat to order of the State Committee on Environment Protection and Land Resources. 

In his report, the vice-premier also addressed the preparations for Turkmen Horse Holiday, which is widely celebrated in our country.

Summing up the report, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov demanded to carefully reanalyze the strategy for the spring agri-campaigns, first of all, the cotton sowing and the upcoming grain harvesting. The head of state gave concrete issue-related commissions, having placed special emphasis on the need to ensure strict control over compliance with agro-technical requirements, the active introduction of advanced technologies and achievements of science into the agricultural sector.

On the whole, having approved the greenhouse project, the President of Turkmenistan signed the Decree and assigned the vice-premier to give priority attention to the sector.

The nation’s leader gave the vice-premier commissions on holding the festivities to mark the inauguration of equestrian facilities, as well as other events in honor of Turkmen Horse Holiday at a high organizational level.

The report of Cabinet Deputy Chairman covered the work done as a part of the Program of the President of Turkmenistan on the country’s socioeconomic development in 2012-2016 to keep domestic agricultural producers well supplied with mineral fertilizers

As was reported, presently cotton growers are amply supplied with phosphate fertilizers; every effort is made to ensure timely delivery of carbamide (produced at the “Marycarbamide” and “Tejencarbamide” Plants), ammonium nitrate (the “Maryazot” Production Association”), and potash fertilizers to the fields.

Having emphasized that the country’s development strategy is aimed at making the best use of abundant raw material resources, meeting the needs of the national economy, and boosting the sector’s export potential, the head of state instructed to continue stepping up the production of high-quality mineral fertilizers.

Cabinet Deputy Chairman, Manager of the Presidential Administration and the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan Sh. Durdylyev focused his report on the outcomes of a working trip made to Singapore on April 12-14 on the instructions of the head of state to exchange experience in the field of construction and architecture of free economic zones. 

In the after-report comments, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov highlighted the necessity for further detailed study of the world’s best practices in organization of large international forums, including sporting events, as well as the creation of favorable conditions for shaping the comfortable urban environment both for city dwellers and foreign guests. The well-coordinated massive efforts, the head of state noted, are of particular importance in the light of preparation for the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games to be one of the major sporting events in 2017. 

Focusing on the fact that the ongoing work on Ashgabat’s improvement is far from perfect, despite the considerable funds allocated by the state, the nation’s leader pointed out the shortcomings in the activity of the Ashgabat city Khyakimlik and expressed deep dissatisfaction with work of the Cabinet Deputy Chairman, who is in charge of Ashgabat.

The head of state gave a severe reprimand to Cabinet Deputy Chairman, Manager of the Presidential Administration and the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan Sh. Durdylyev for improper performance of his official duties and relaxation of control over the institutions, he is responsible for, having warned him that failure to remedy the shortcomings in the shortest possible period of time would result in his dismissal. The head of state also signed the Decree on dismissing G. Garajaev from the post of Khyakim of Ashgabat for serious shortcomings in his work.

The report of Cabinet Deputy Chairman B. Atdaev was an extensive coverage of the preparations for an International Conference of Entrepreneurs to be held in the “Avaza” National Tourist Zone on April 19-20.

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov emphasized that holding of economic forums, congresses, and other business events attended by representatives of different countries, offer the opportunity to amply demonstrate the country’s export and investment potential to the international community, as well as to learn the world’s advanced experience and know-how in various fields of production and technologies. Their organization serves as an effective mechanism for promoting successfully developing cooperation both in traditional and new areas.  Having concentrated on the study and introduction of industrial technologies as the aspect of intensification of international relations, the nation’s leader gave specific instructions on ensuring a high degree of organization of the conference in Avaza.

Then, Cabinet Deputy Chairperson G. Mammedova presented the report on activities ongoing in the country to mark 2016 as the Year of Honoring the Heritage, Reforming the Homeland.

Summarizing the report, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov laid stress on the need for further improvement of activities in the fields of culture and mass media to meet the objectives and present-day requirements.

Touching upon the organization of events to celebrate the Year of Honoring the Heritage, Reforming the Homeland, the nation’s leader centered on the multi-aspect work aimed to popularize the exceptionally rich national cultural heritage of the Turkmen people and its in-depth study, especially by the younger generation, and gave the vice-premier some issue-associated commissions.

Reporting on the state of affairs in the transport and communications sector, Cabinet Deputy Chairman S. Satlykov informed about the work on improving the organizational structure of the Ministry of Motor Transport.

Speaking of the importance of efficient and well-coordinated operation of enterprises in the transport sector for the country’s progressive socio-economic development, the head of state instructed the vice-premier to tighten control over the performance of sectoral enterprises and close adherence to the action plan, as well as to thoroughly study all proposals concerning the modernization of motor transport infrastructure.

The activity of the Foreign Ministry, and the steps towards the enhancement of cooperation with international mass media agencies, which is one of the significant trends of our country’s foreign policy, were the key issues the report of Cabinet Deputy Chairman, Minister of Foreign Affairs R. Meredov was centered on. 

A draft Regulation on the professional activities and accreditation of foreign correspondents (journalists) and other foreign media representatives in Turkmenistan was presented to the nation’s leader for consideration. Developed by the Foreign Ministry jointly with a number of other state institutions, the document aims to advance mutually beneficial partnership in the media sector.

Speaking of new opportunities available today for the intensification of international cooperation and the exchange of experience in the field, development of close relations with all interested foreign partners, the nation’s leader approved the Regulation and signed the relevant Decree, having given a number of concrete instructions on its implementation. 

The Foreign Minister also informed about the work done to open the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Italy (the city of Rome).

In this connection, a draft document on issues of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Italy (the city of Rome) was submitted to the nation’s leader for consideration.

Turkmenistan and Italy, the head of state said, have good prospects for diversification of cooperation and implementation of joint projects in various fields, which is equitable to the long-term interests of the two friendly states and nations. Having noted that in this context, the activity of our country’s Embassy in the Republic of Italy plays an essential role, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov approved the draft document, signed the relevant Decree, and gave the Foreign Minister the issue-related assignments.

Passing to the next issue, the Cabinet Deputy Chairman, the Foreign Minister concentrated on the results of a working trip made to Istanbul (the Republic of Turkey) on the instructions of the head of state to participate in the 13th session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

It was noted that the OIC member-states highly appreciate neutral Turkmenistan’s contribution to strengthening of peace and security, creation of conditions for sustainable development in the region and in the entire world.

As was highlighted, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation fully supports the TAPI project, which is the next effective step in implementing the fuel-energy strategy of Turkmenistan, the key aspect of which is to develop the modern global energy security architecture by creating a diversified system of energy supplies to the world markets. The OIC partners, including the Islamic Development Bank, an authoritative financial institution, evince strong interest in the large-scale project, destined to be a true bridge of friendship and equitable fruitful partnership between the states and the nations.

In the after report comments, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov stressed the commitment of neutral Turkmenistan to the by-now established cooperation with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the OIC member-states, and confirmed our country’s intention to do its best to advance the international dialogue, which goals and objectives meet the interests of regional and global security, wellbeing and progress. Taking an active position on tackling today’s vital issues, Turkmenistan seeks to use its potential, including its energy potential, for the benefit of all mankind. The large-scale projects, initiated by our country, such as the TAPI project, which have proved their topicality and importance in modern times, serve as a vivid illustration of this.

Having noted the availability of ample prospects and opportunities for deepening the effective economic and humanitarian contacts within the OIC, the nation’s leader commissioned the vice-premier, Foreign Minister to carry on the work going in this area.

In her turn, Chairperson of Mejlis A. Nurberdyeva took the floor to report on the parliament’s activity aimed at the national legislation’s further improvement, creation of the modern legal framework in the country in compliance with generally accepted standards of international law. The work done to study proposals and make amendments and additions to the revised draft Constitution of Turkmenistan was a special coverage in the report.

The head of state emphasized the national parliament’s crucial role in developing the present-day legal framework. In this context, the nation’s leader highlighted the need for in-depth and careful study of all proposals received from the citizens concerning the revised draft Constitution of the country.

Cabinet Deputy Chairman S. Toilyev covered in his report the work done on the instructions of the head of state to open an Advanced Training Department at the Turkmen State Institute of Energy, and submitted a draft Decree.

According to the document, the department will offer paid training courses (up to two months long) on a regular basis.

After signing the within-said Decree, the head of state assigned the vice-premier to ensure control over its implementation and stressed the necessity to continue the work on building the professional development system in other sectors as well.

Then the vice-premier informed about the organizational arrangements for a horse marathon, devoted to the 2017 Asian Games, which is to begin on May 5 – 500 days until the Games start. The report also detailed the creation of groups of horse riders and the selection of horses.

Designs of official logo of the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games were presented to the nation’s leader for consideration.

Having given commissions on the preparations for a horse marathon, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov noted that this large-scale event should become the impressive prologue to the Games, an invitation and a widespread appeal, a spectacular showcase of the Turkmen people’s historical and cultural heritage, our country’s rich traditions and modern achievements.

After approving the Asian Games logo, the head of state instructed the vice-premier to carry on the work ongoing in this direction, and gave a number of issue-associated assignments.

Some other issues of state life were considered at the Cabinet session, on which the appropriate resolutions were adopted.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)