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Enlarged session of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan

On January 8, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov convened the enlarged session of the Cabinet of Ministers. The meeting agenda included the issues related to summing up the work results for 2015, and determining the priority objectives faced by sectors of the national economy in the near term.

Personnel issues and several important draft documents were considered as well. Representatives of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, khyakims of velayats, towns and etraps, heads of ministries and sectoral departments, mass media, rectors of higher educational institutions and other officials were invited to the session.

Announcing the agenda, the President of Turkmenistan gave the floor to Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet B.Hojamammedov who gave an account of macroeconomic indicators for 2015. According to the vice-premier, one of the main indicators of the national economy – GDP was notable for stable and dynamic growth. In general, in comparison with 2014, the productivity growth rate reached the level of 104.8 percent. High production indicators were achieved in almost all sectors.

According to the results of 2015, the volume of retail trade increased and amounted to 41.9 billion manats. During the reporting period, the foreign trade turnover growth was observed. In comparison with 2014, the wages in the country’s large and medium enterprises increased by 9.5 percent. Investments in the capital needs from all financing sources increased in the accounting period.

In 2015, the works specified in the National Rural Development Program were successfully carried out. In the framework of this program, 4.9 billion manats of capital investments were made during this period.

Thus far, the construction of 175 buildings was completed in the velayats, and the work on 155 projects is in progress.

Next reporter, Minister of Finance M. Muhammedov informed that the revenues of the country’s main financial plan – the State Budget totaled 100.6 percent, and its expenditure side – 90 percent. In 2015, 78.7 percent of budget funds were used to finance the social sphere. The local budget’s revenue side reached the level of 101.7 percent and its expenditures – 96.4 percent. The wages, pensions, public welfare payments and scholarships were financed in full and timely manner.

The report also covered the work results that were carried out in the fiscal system in 2015. In particular, the information was given about implementation of the Decree of President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov “On improvement of balance committee’s activity”.

Minister of Economy and Development Yo.Sheripov reported on the ongoing work to attract investments in the national economy, and on the implementation progress of the objectives identified in the new version of the “National Program of the President of Turkmenistan on improving social and living conditions of the population of villages, settlements, etrap towns and etrap centers till 2020”.

As was noted, during the accounting period investment made in the framework of the above mentioned National Program amounted to 4.9 billion manats. The plan was completed 132 percent. This indicator in Akhal velayat totaled 1133 million manats, in Balkan velayat – 1142 million manats, in Dashoguz velayat – 814 million manats, in Lebap velayat – 964 million manats, and in Mary velayat – 850 million manats.

During 2015, two hospitals, 16 health houses, 14 kindergartens, 15 comprehensive schools, 9 cultural houses, 3 sports schools, 2 sports facilities, 4 wastewater treatment facilities, 3968 kilometers of water- and gas-pipes, sewage and electricity networks, 27 wells, 293 kilometers of roads, and 2346 kilometers of telephone lines were commissioned in the country’s regions.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan dated March 30, 2015, 265 of the projected 290 major industrial and social facilities were constructed during the accounting period. They include 76 industrial-purpose and 189 multipurpose buildings.

Thirty six facilities and enterprises were privatized in the framework of the “State Program on privatization of enterprises and state-owned facilities in Turkmenistan for 2013-2016”.

Further, Chairman of the State Statistics Committee A.Mammedov reported on economic indicators for 2015 in the country’s ministries and sectoral departments.

During the period under review, high production growth was achieved in almost all sectors.

Last year, the following production growth rates were achieved: oil –105.2 percent, electricity– 100.5 percent, gasoline, kerosene, lubricants, petroleum coke, polypropylene – 100.1 percent, oil bitumen – 121.2 percent, liquefied gas – 100.6 percent, cement – 104.4 percent, non-metallic building materials – 115.5 percent, plastic and fiberglass pipes – 103.7 percent, ironware – 101.7 percent, mineral fertilizers – 175.2 percent, iodine – 100.8 percent, ginned cotton – 102 percent, cotton fabric – 107.4 percent, pasta – 112.8 percent, mineral waters and soft drinks – 111 percent and pharmaceutical goods – 138 percent.

Good indicators were also achieved in agriculture. Over 1 million 406 thousand tons of grain was grown in 2015. The cotton harvesting plan was fulfilled 104.8 percent. During the reporting period, rice production grew by 40.5 percent. In comparison with 2014, agricultural output growth, in particular, meat, milk, eggs and vegetables, melons and gourds was achieved. As of January 1, 2016, the number of cattle increased by 28.2 thousand, sheep and goats by 168.7 thousand, and poultry by 235.8 thousand.

The volume of construction works in 2015 compared to 2014 increased by 10.3 percent.

During the reporting period, the expansion of freight traffic was observed (by all modes of transport). The indicators growth rate in passenger traffic amounted to 102.8 percent, including by road transport – 103.3 percent, by rail and air transport – 100.2 percent, by water transport – 137.6 percent. The revenue derived from communication services rendered to the population increased by 9 percent compared with 2014.

In 2015, the construction of large facilities in the energy, oil, gas, chemical, agricultural, transport and communications sectors, as well as of trade, social, and engineering purpose buildings was actively carried out in all regions of the country. In addition, the complex measures were taken to develop a private sector of the economy.

Then, Chairman of the Management Board of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan M.Annadurdyev reported on the implementation progress of the monetary and credit policy and fulfillment of the plan of foreign currency receipts to the accounts of ministries and sectoral departments for exports of goods and rendered services.

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov expressed dissatisfaction with the level of work, carried out by the Chairman of Central Bank. Noting that there were shortcomings in the organization of banking institutions’ activities, the head of state signed the Decree, according to which a reprimand was issued to M.Annadurdyev for improper discharge of his duties and shortcomings in work.

During the meeting, the head of state pointed to shortcomings revealed in work of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population. In this regard, the head of this Ministry B.Shamyradov was released from the post of Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population and Chairman of the Pension Fund’s Management Board.

Noting also that Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, Deputy Chairman of the Pension Fund’s Management Board – Manager of the Pension Fund K.Rejepov made serious shortcomings in his work, the head of state relieved him from his positions.

The head of state appointed S.Akmammedov to the post of Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population and Chairman of the Pension Fund’s Management Board, relieving him from the post of Deputy Minister.

The head of state appointed E.Annamuhammedov to the post of Deputy Minister of Economy and Development.

Addressing B.Hojamammedov, the leader of nation pointed out that the institutions of financial-economic structure under the vice-premier’s supervision still do not work properly. By outcomes of the audit carried out by the Supreme Control Chamber to check the implementation of state programs, the lack of control over the works was revealed. The consistent and practical measures must be taken to implement the adopted programs, find additional financing sources for fulfillment of the assigned work, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov stated, giving the vice-premier a number of concrete instructions in this regard.

Signing the Decree “On the preparing a draft Program of the President of Turkmenistan on the country’s socio-economic development in 2017-2021”, the head of state gave a number of specific commissions to the relevant officials.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet, Director of the State Agency for Management and Use of Hydrocarbon Resources at the President of Turkmenistan Ya.Kakaev reported on the work results of FEC enterprises in 2015 and the implementation progress of the “Turkmenistan’s Oil and Gas Industry Development Program till 2030”.

As was noted, compared to the past year, the oil and gas condensate production growth rate reached 105.2 percent, drilling work – 124.4 percent, and the plan for budgeting capital needs was fulfilled 145.6 percent.

The draft Ukase “On renaming the Ministry of Oil-Gas and Mineral Resources into the Ministry of Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan” and a number of Decrees were submitted for consideration by the head of state.

In accordance with these documents, the Main Management “Turkmennebitonumleri” is transferred into ownership of the Turkmenbashy Complex of Oil Refineries. The Oil-and-Gas Institute of the “Turkmengaz” State Concern is merged with the Scientific Research and Geological Exploration Institute of the “Turkmengeology” State Corporation, and on their basis the Scientific Research Institute of Natural Gas within the jurisdiction of the “Turkmengaz” State Concern is created. The designing departments of the above mentioned institutes, as well as construction and assembling managements of the “Turkmengaz” State Concern are merged into a new structure – “Turkmengaz inghenerchilic ve gurlushyk” Management.

According to the Decree “On approval of a structure of the State Agency for Management and Use of Hydrocarbon Resources at the President of Turkmenistan”, the control over construction of new facilities in the FEC is assigned to the State Concern “Turkmennebitgazgurlushyk”.

Reporting on implementation of the earlier presidential commissions, the vice-premier informed about the measures taken to found the Closed Joint-Stock Company “National Petroleum Company of Turkmenistan (NAPECO)”. In particular, it will include on terms of share participation the State Agency for Management and Use of Hydrocarbon Resources at the President of Turkmenistan, the “Turkmengaz” and “Turkmennebit” State Concerns, the “Turkmengeology” State Corporation, the Turkmenbashy Complex of Oil Refineries and the International Joint Stock Bank “Garagum”. The main fields of “NAPECO” activity are exploration and drilling works, oil and gas extraction, implementation of international projects in the fuel and energy sector, etc.

Signing the Ukase “On renaming the Ministry of Oil-Gas and Mineral Resources into the Ministry of Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan”, as well as a set of submitted Decrees, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov gave vice-premier Ya.Kakaev and other managers of oil and gas complex a number of instructions concerning their implementation.

The head of state also signed the Decree “On the allocation of petroleum products to domestic consumers in 2016”.

Relieving M.Halylov from the post of Minister of Oil-Gas and Mineral Resources in connection with transfer to another job, the President of Turkmenistan appointed M.Meredov the Minister of Oil and Gas.

M.Halylov was appointed the Director of Scientific and Research Institute of Natural Gas of the “Turkmengaz” State Concern.

The next reporter, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet Sh.Durdylyev reported on the work results for 2015in the sectors he is in charge of. As was reported, during the reporting period, self-funding enterprises of the Ashgabat city’s khyakimlik fulfilled the goods production and services rendering plan 100.8 percent. Thereby, the growth rate totaled 129.3 percent compared to the previous year.

The capital investments use plan (from all financing sources) at enterprises of the capital’s khyakimlik for the relevant period was completed 108.2 percent.

According to the vice-premier, the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan completed the goods production, works execution and services providing plan for the accounting period 126.9 percent, and the growth rate amounted to 113.9 percent as compared to the previous year. The foreign currency revenue growth rate of the Ministry totaled 101.8 percent.

In 2015, enterprises of the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan fulfilled the plan 138.6 percent, showing the growth rate of 130.3 percent. The electricity production growth rate amounted to 101 percent, and of electricity export – 108.2 percent. The plan for foreign currency receipts to the Ministry’s account was completed 101.2 percent, and the growth rate amounted to 104.3 percent.

With regard to the Ministry of Municipal Engineering of Turkmenistan the plan for the relevant period was completed 113.3 percent, where the growth rate totaled 112.6 percent.

The total volume of produced goods, executed works and provided services by the “Turkmenavtoyollary” State Concern during the accounting period amounted to 107.5 percent of the plan, and the growth rate reached 106.8 percent.

The report included the information about drafting the Plan for construction and commissioning of buildings and facilities in 2016 to be developed on a basis of the programs, approved by khyakimliks of velayats and Ashgabat city, ministries and sectoral departments, and the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan in accordance with the Presidential Decree. According to this document 383 facilities and buildings are to be constructed and put into operation, including 21 kindergartens, 19 comprehensive schools, 16 healthcare establishments, 161 dwelling houses, 77 cottage type houses and other facilities. Their total cost will be 7.4 billion US dollars.

Summing up the report, the President of Turkmenistan stressed the importance of strengthening control over the industrial and social purpose facilities construction works, giving vice-premiers the commission to ensure high quality of works during construction of facilities, especially, to be built in the white marble capital city. The President of Turkmenistan also focused on a lot of shortcomings and outstanding issues existing in the ongoing construction works.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet S.Satlykov reported on the work results in institutions and enterprises of the transport and communications sector in 2015.

In general, for the transport and communication complex works execution and services rendering plan was fulfilled 114.2 percent during the period under review, where the growth rate reached 115.1 percent.

Concerning the Ministry of Railway Transport, the works execution growth rate made up 113 percent.

With regard to the Ministry of Motor Transport, the services rendering growth rate during the accounting period amounted to 130.3 percent. This indicator in the cargo transportation sector reached 103.8 percent, and in the passenger transportation sector – 101 percent.

According to outcomes of 2015, the works execution growth rate for the Ministry of Communications amounted to 107.6 percent.

For the “Turkmenhowayollary” State National Service, the air transportation services growth rate in the accounting period reached 117.3 percent.

Over the past year, the growth rate of the works executed by the State Marine and River Transport Service amounted to 126.6 percent. This indicator in cargo and passenger transportation totaled 100.1 and 138 percent, respectively.

Upon hearing the report, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov instructed the vice-premier to take the appropriate measures to strengthen labor discipline, improve the quality of cargo and passenger transportation services, and ensure the high quality of communication services.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet, Manager of Presidential and Cabinet Administration P.Taganov reported on the past-year’s outcomes of activities in the trade complex.

Over the past year, as compared to 2014, the growth rates achieved by the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations made up in total trade turnover 110.6 percent, in retail trade 106 percent, and in wholesale trade 112.9 percent. The growth rate of investments made in these areas reached 214.8 percent.

The State Commodities and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan registered 250 transactions over this period, during which 21, 442 contracts were concluded to the total amount of 76 billion 766.8 million manats. The total value of import-export contracts amounted to 16 billion 543 million manats, and the sum of construction contracts totaled 381.1 billion 45 million manats. The amount of funds received in foreign currency amounted to more than 34 million 927 thousand US dollars.

The services growth rate rendered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan reached 133.1 percent. The profitability growth rate made up 127.8 percent, including 117.86 percent foreign currency receipts (totally 3 million 205.75 thousand US dollars were received). During the period under review 31 exhibitions and 28 conferences were held.

With regard to the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, the production of industrial output increased by 22.7 percent, and food products by 16.3 percent. The construction and assembly works growth rate amounted to 103 percent, trade turnover to 123.4 percent, and services to 127.5 percent.

Noting that there is a great potential for more active work of the trade sector, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov demanded to assess substantially and comprehensively the possibilities and demands on foreign markets, giving instructions on further development of international business relations, stimulating investment projects with participation of foreign capital.

Next reporter, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet B. Ereshov reported on the work results for 2015 in sectors he is in charge of, as well as on the implementation progress of the “State Program on foundation of various electronic equipment producing enterprises in Turkmenistan”. According to the vice-premier, the plan for a set of executed works, manufactured products and rendered services by the Ministry of Industry in 2015 was fulfilled 120.2 percent, the growth rate totaled 112.4 percent.

The Ministry of Textile Industry completed the production plan for the accounting period 110 percent, and achieved the growth rate of 104 percent.

Enterprises of the “Turkmenhaly” State Association produced 42 thousand 860 square meters of carpets in 2015, showing the growth rate of 100.5 percent. The production plan for this period was fulfilled 107.6 percent, and the growth rate – made up 106.1 percent.

As for the “Turkmenhimiya” State Concern, fulfillment of the plan for the accounting period reached 111.1 percent, and the production growth rate totaled 184.3 percent, including fertilizers – 175.2 percent, sodium sulfate – 109 percent, technical iodine – 100.8 percent, and technical carbon – 107.1 percent.

The State Fish Industry Committee fulfilled the plan for the previous year 106.6 percent, showing the growth rate of 170.3 percent. In particular, the growth rate for volume of fish caught made up 168.5 percent, and for processing and preserving of fish products – 140.5 percent.

The vice-premier’s reporting on the implementation progress of the “State Program on foundation of various electronic equipment producing enterprises in Turkmenistan” included the information about the establishment of a number of organizations focused on the formation of a network of small specialized enterprises in our country to manufacture import-substituting electrical and electronic equipment based on innovative technologies. The Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan carries out the relevant work in this area in cooperation with local private enterprises and foreign companies.

Having heard the report, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov proceeded to the personnel issues and relieved S.Orazmyradov from the post of Minister of Industry due to his transfer to another position. The leader of nation appointed D.Nursahedov to this post, relieving him from his former duty as the Deputy Minister.

M.Aidogdyev was appointed the Chairman of “Turkmenhimiya” State Concern, releasing him from his duty as the Deputy Chairman of State Concern.

The President of Turkmenistan appointed S.Movlamov the Deputy Chairman of State Fish Industry Committee.

Then, the floor was given to Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet S.Toilyev to report on the work results carried out in 2015 in sectors of the social complex under his supervision. The report included the information about commissioned facilities.

In particular, the vice-premier reported that 56 educational institutions were commissioned in the country during the accounting period. In addition, last year the Polytechnic and Publishing Secondary Vocational Schools were established; 8 new specialties were introduced in higher education institutions.

Turkmen schoolchildren took part in the International Subject Olympiads and other intellectual contests, where they won 45 gold, 50 silver and 38 bronze medals.

2015 marked considerable success in development of the healthcare system and medical industry. The “Saglyk” State Program was developed and approved. The foundation laying of the International Surgery and Endocrinology Center, opening ceremonies of the International Educational-Scientific Center of the Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan, the International Cardiologic Center, and 670-patient Mother-and-child Healthcare Scientific-Clinical Center took place in Ashgabat. A modern warehouse of the Chief Pharmaceutical Association and a 120-patient Specialized Rehabilitation Center were put into operation in Akhal velayat.

On the whole, six healthcare facilities and one residential house to the total sum of 544.1 million US dollars and 53.3 million manats were under conduction in this sector in 2015.

The growth rate of revenues derived from financial and economic activities of the State Tourism Committee totaled 112.2 percent, and of foreign currency receipts – 102 percent. About 104.5 thousand tourists were served during 2015, and the growth rate of this indicator as compared to 2014 reached 106.2 percent.

In 2015, the Turkmen athletes took part in 162 International sports competitions where they won 411 medals (143 – gold, 98 – silver and 170 – bronze).

The vice-premier submitted a draft Decree “On the issues of offering employment to foreign sports experts” for consideration by the head of state. As was noted, the State Sports Committee of Turkmenistan jointly with relevant ministries and institutions studied the possibility of inviting on the contract basis of foreign sports experts and coaches in 21 kinds of sport, included into the program of Asian Games-2017, as well as in other sports. By the results of executed work, a draft Procedure was prepared for regulating labor relations and remuneration of foreign experts to be contracted for work in Turkmenistan.

A draft Decree on quotas for admission to postgraduate and doctoral courses and clinical studies in 2016 was submitted. The document was prepared by the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan on the basis of proposals made by ministries, scientific institutions and higher educational establishments. In accordance with the document, in 2016, 18 people will be admitted to postgraduate courses, the number of quotas for the academic title of Candidate of Sciences is 28, for the academic title of Doctor of Science – 4, and 72 people will be enrolled in clinical studies.

The vice-premier also submitted a draft Order on announcement of the competition among etraps of velayats and cities with the etraps status for the highest social, economic and cultural development indications in 2016.

Signing the prepared documents and giving commissions to relevant managers on their implementation, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov emphasized the importance of summarizing the work, as well as determining the key issues and identifying the ways of addressing them.

Pointing to a number of shortcomings in sectors under supervision of S.Toilyev, the leader of nation gave the vice-premier a reprimand for unsatisfactory fulfillment of his duties and weakening of control over discipline in the institutions he is in charge of. The President of Turkmenistan instructed the vice-premier to thoroughly analyze the ongoing activities and take the urgent measures to address the existing shortcomings.

Then, Deputy Chairperson of the Cabinet of Ministers M.Yazmuhammedova made the report on the work of sectors she is in charge of, submitting concrete figures.

From the beginning of year, institutions of the Ministry of Culture of Turkmenistan held more than 45 thousand events, including exhibitions, conferences and other forums, intended to popularize the Turkmen people’s cultural heritage, enrich the contemporary art and develop international dialogue in this area, as well as to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our country’s neutrality. The work in this area included the organization of Days of Culture of several states in our country and Days of Turkmen Culture abroad, Movie Days and other joint activities.

In 2015, hundreds of scientists, cultural workers and professional artists from the TURKSOY member countries took part in the events held in Turkmenistan as part of the “Mary – the cultural capital of Turkic World” Program. Besides, representatives of artistic intelligentsia, museum professionals of Turkmenistan attended scientific conferences, exhibitions and festivals, organized in foreign countries.

2, 288 performances were staged at the theaters countrywide. The work on employing modern readers’ services and creating a single electronic system of book collections was completed in libraries.

From January to December last year, the Turkmen State Publishing Service published 369 types of book products, including works by classical and contemporary writers, educational books and children’s fiction with the total number of books printed reaching 381,815.

As for periodicals, 27 newspapers and 26 magazines with a total circulation of 145,180,000 and 4,535,000, respectively, were published last year. Inauguration of the new Printing House (tooled with state-of-the-art equipment) in 2015 became a landmark event for the development of the country’s publishing and printing industry. Specialists of the State Publishing Service took part in exhibitions of printed products abroad.

The vice-premier also informed about the activity of the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Television, Radio Broadcasting and Cinematography, the efforts undertaken to improve the quality of broadcasting, and about the implementation progress of the state information policy. In particular, the report covered the work of the State Information Agency of Turkmenistan, which provides timely media coverage of the most important events in state life and society, as well as in international cooperation.

In the after-report comments, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov stressed the priority role of the state cultural policy, including the mass media and communications as a significant factor in developing the Turkmen people’s broad world outlook, spiritual environment, public and civic conscience. The head of state pointed out that the coverage of the country’s progress and modern achievements is not of adequate professional quality, having criticized the fact that publications lack creativity.

For the shortcomings in the work of television channels and poor quality of TV programs, Chairman of the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Television, Radio Broadcasting and Cinematography M.Altaev was severely reprimanded and warned that failure to remedy the shortcomings in the shortest possible period of time would result in his dismissal from the post.

Then, khyakims of velayats delivered their reports on the outcomes of last year’s work and the state of affairs in the agricultural sector.

Summing up the reports, the leader of nation emphasized the slow progress of activities specified in the National Program for regions’ development in Balkan velayat. A check conducted by the Higher Control Chamber revealed a number of drawbacks in the Program implementation, the head of state continued, having noted that some facilities had not been completed and put into operation at the appointed time, the work on financing construction projects and quality of construction were far from perfect.

In his report, Prosecutor General of Turkmenistan A.Hallyev focused on the shortcomings and crimes revealed in Lebap velayat in the course of checks. Particularly, the report addressed the fact that the region, for the comprehensive development of which the state allocates considerable funds, is not staying within its production targets for agricultural crops. The progress of construction works in cities and villages of the velayat is extremely slow; a number of construction projects have not been started yet. The regional leaders also do not give adequate consideration to social issues.

Prosecutor General of Turkmenistan A.Hallyev also reported on the ongoing work on the revealed facts of crimes related to the misuse of official powers by some executive officers for personal advantage.

Having demanded from the law enforcement agencies to step up the fight against corruption, the President of Turkmenistan signed a number of Ukases on new appointments.

The work results for 2015 in sectors under his supervision were in the center of the report made by Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet E.Orazgeldiev.

On the whole, the growth rates of production output, works and services accomplished in the agro-industrial complex reached 104.9 percent. In particular, the indicator recorded in the following ministries and agencies made up in percentage term: the Ministry of Agriculture – 110.1; the Ministry of Water Industry – 109.7; the Ministry of Nature Protection – 108.6; the “Turkmengallaonumleri” State Association – 110.1; the “Turkmenobahyzmat” State Association – 100.7; the State Food Industry Association – 103.9; the State Livestock Association – 115.7; the “Turkmenpagta” State Concern – 102; the “Turkmen Atlary” State Association – 119.

The annual plan for investments assimilation was fulfilled 113.3 percent by the agro-industrial sector’s ministries and agencies.

Reporting on fulfillment of the presidential commissions on improving the management structure of the agricultural complex and accelerating the reforms in this sector, the vice-premier submitted the relevant draft Ukases, Decrees and Orders for consideration by the head of state.

According to these documents, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Water Industry, the “Turkmenpagta” State Concern, the “Ak Altyn” trade enterprise, the “Turkmengallaonumleri” and “Turkmenobahyzmat” State Associations and the State Livestock Association will constitute the part of a newly established institution – the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Industry of Turkmenistan. In parallel, agricultural industrial associations will be set up at the regional departments of the within-said agencies in velayats.

As the vice-premier informed, the tractors owned by the “Turkmenobahyzmat” State Association are planned to be sold at residual cost. Livestock and poultry complexes will be transferred to the ownership of the State Food Industry Association.

The Ministry of Nature Protection and the Land Resources Service of the Ministry of Agriculture will be reorganized into the State Committee for Environmental Protection and Land Resources.

The Cotton Growing Research Institute (the Ministry of Agriculture), the Farming Research Institute (the Turkmen Agricultural University) and the Grain Crops Research Institute (the “Turkmengallaonumleri” State Association) will be merged into the Agricultural Research Institute, which will operate under the newly established Ministry of Agriculture and Water Industry of Turkmenistan.

“Turkmenobasenagattaslama” enterprise together with its subordinate enterprises will be transferred to ownership of the Ministry of Construction and Agriculture.

In accordance with draft Decrees that were also submitted for consideration by the head of state, 545,000 hectares of farmlands will be sown to cotton and 1,050,000 tons of this valuable crop will be produced in Ahal, Dashoguz, Lebap and Mary velayats in 2016. All in all, 27,770 hectares of farmlands will be planted to potato, vegetable and cucurbitaceous crops countrywide.

As part of the National Tree-planting Program of Turkmenistan, 3, 000,000 young deciduous, coniferous, fruit trees and vines will be planted in the capital and its outskirts, as well as in velayats.

Among other documents were a draft Decree “On state purchase prices for cotton” and a Decree “On establishing the limited amounts for water consumption in velayats, etraps and cities in 2016”.

Summing up the report, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov emphasized that the most favorable conditions had been created in Turkmenistan for development of business, private ownership and entrepreneurial activity. At present, the private sector’s share in the field stands at 92 percent.

At the same time, there are too many state authorities in the agricultural complex. In this connection, a number of ministries and sectoral agencies should be merged to establish two central institutions – the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Industry and the State Committee for Environmental Protection and Land Resources, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov pointed out. The leader of nation also highlighted that the new institutions should not be concerned with the activity of agricultural producers, but to be in charge of practical implementation of the agricultural policy.

Having signed the Ukases “On establishing the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Industry of Turkmenistan” and “On establishing the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Environmental Protection and Land Resources”, as well as the submitted Decrees, the head of state gave a number of assignments to the agroindustrial sector’s leaders on their execution.

After signing the relevant documents, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov appointed N.Sapardurdyev the Minister of Agriculture and Water Industry. Deputy Ministers of Agriculture and Water Industry were also appointed: A.Myradov for economic and financial affairs; M.Ataev for agricultural production; G.Kulyev for agricultural machinery and equipment; G.Baijanov for water resources and construction; S.Yazov for industrial processing of grain and cotton products.

The leader of nation appointed M.Annabaev the Chairman of State Committee for Environmental Protection and Land Resources, and A.Altyev the Deputy Chairman.

B.Tejenov was appointed the Deputy Chairman of State Food Industry Association.

After signing the appointment-related documents, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov commissioned the newly-appointed senior officials to take the necessary measures to enhance performance of the sectors they are responsible for.

Stressing the importance of keeping the work ongoing to implement the multi-aspect, flexible and well-balanced foreign policy strategy, which is based on peaceful principles and good neighborly relations, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov announced his decision to expand the number of staff members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by introducing a new position of the Deputy Minister to coordinate the work with international organizations. B.Niyazliev was appointed to the senior position and relieved of the post of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

Then, Chairperson of the National Trade Unions Center G.Bairamova informed about the results of “The best etrap in Turkmenistan” Competition. As was noted, a special commission under the auspices of the National Trade Unions Center had analyzed the indices presented by every velayat. At the year-end, Iolotan etrap of Mary velayat became a winner, having made the most impressive achievements in the socio-economic development program implementation, the fulfillment of wheat and cotton production obligations, completion of socio and cultural purpose facilities, active participation of the population in sports, as well as in other areas.

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov signed the Order on awarding a one-million- US dollar prize to the Khyakimlik of Iolotan etrap of Mary velayat for achieving the best performance indices in all fields and winning the competition.

During the session, the President of Turkmenistan delivered a keynote speech to the session participants, having characterized last year’s outcomes and outlined the top-priority objectives for the country in the running year.

2015 was a difficult year for our country, the leader of nation said, having stressed that in the year that marked the glorious 20th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality, all the measures were taken to obtain the best results against the backdrop of the continuing unstable situation in the global economy. At present, Turkmenistan has demonstrated the world community that under such complex economic and financial conditions, our country’s policy of neutrality has a consolidating and stabilizing impact on the state development, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov said.

Practically all the target plans were completed in 2015, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov stressed, having noted with satisfaction that the work on preparing the revised draft Constitution of Turkmenistan was well under way. The head of state also emphasized that the laws were worked out based on the inviolable principles of strengthening independence, neutrality, peace, civil unity and democracy.

Having noted the remarkable progresses made in carrying out the large-scale reforms, and in the country’s socioeconomic development, the leader of nation emphasized that the high growth rate had been recorded in the agricultural sector, showing 85 percent increase thanks to the successful implementation of the reforms in the field of food security. As a striking example, the head of state also cited a GDP indicator, which had reached 6.7 percent, including 9.3 percent in the construction industry, 10.4 percent in trade, and 9.8 percent in the transport and communications sector.

As compared to 2014, capital investments, made in various spheres, increased by 8.2 percent and amounted to 53 billion manats. The national currency – manat – remained steady and within the prescribed limits.

The leader of nation commented with satisfaction that the wages, pensions, monthly student awards and state benefit payments had been increased. As also noted, benefits offered to the country’s population by the state remain unchanged, including free-of-charge use of electricity, natural gas, potable water and salt. The cost of utility services is nominal.

Speaking of Turkmenistan’s development programs, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov underlined that investments in the construction sector had totaled nearly US $ 49 billion. Last year alone, 375 large industrial and socio-cultural purpose facilities to the total amount of more than US $10 billion were put into operation thanks to all financing sources.

The head of state mentioned the following important projects, completed and put into operatiom last year: the communications satellite “TürkmenÄlem 52°E” launched into space, the “East-West” gas pipeline, the 504.4-MW Darvaza State Power Station, the sturgeons rearing “Hazarbalyk” Open Joint-Stock Corporation in Balkan velayat, the Congress Centers in Ashgabat and Turkmenbashy cities, a “Türkmeniň Ak Öýi” building in Mary city, administrative buildings, hotels in the Turkmen capital and regional centers. Among new buildings were recreation centers and many social purpose facilities, built in the “Avaza” National Tourist Zone, as well as kindergartens, sports and secondary schools with the latest equipment, residential houses with all modern conveniences (occupying a total area of 1,350,000 sq. meters).

Dwelling upon the issue, the leader of nation emphasized that implementation of the “National Program on improving social and living conditions of the population of villages, settlements, etrap towns and etrap centers” had been marked by significant progress. As part of the program, new settlements with related infrastructure are well under construction in every velayat.

In 2015, taking into account the market relations development, the work was in progress on improving the country’s economic and social policy, the President of Turkmenistan said, having noted that alongside with that the steps were taken to dramatically increase the importance and role of private ownership in the national economy.

The leader of nation mentioned the reduction in the number of state enterprises among the effective measures thereof. At present, entrepreneurs, who enjoy the state support, are involved in the large-scale activities in different sectors of the economy, and take active participation in international tenders, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov said, having emphasized that local business people open their representative offices in different countries. In this context, the head of state emphasized that their today’s work results are a special cause for pride.

Having concentrated on the achievements in the foreign policy, the head of state underlined that the relations with different countries were developing steadily both in the bilateral format and within international organizations. The country’s foreign policy strategy was put into practice on the basis of strict adherence to the principles of neutrality, peace, good neighborliness and mutually advantageous cooperation.

Having stressed that thanks to wide support from the Turkmen people and their active participation in the reforms aimed at improving the population’s wellbeing the policy resulted in outstanding achievements and great advances, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov expressed heartfelt gratitude to all people, leaders of ministries and sectoral agencies, workers of different industries, who had made their ponderable contribution to the country’s development by their hard and diligent work.

As is known, 2016 is the anniversary year, the nation’s leader said, mentioning that it marks the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence. In the running year, it is essential to make further progress along the road to transforming our native land based on our people’s rich history and cultural heritage, the head of state continued. With this aim in view, there is a need for new projects, fresh ideas, innovative managerial solutions, and new laws, the President of Turkmenistan said, having pointed out that the country’s leadership should work productively and promote creative initiatives.

Despite last year’s positive results in the national economy development, the head of state stated the presence of possibilities yet to be realized, such as improvement of the economy’s management structure, reduction in managerial staff, and increased responsibility of local senior officials for their work. From this year onward, the khyakims of all cities and etraps will have to report at one of the Cabinet sessions.

Then, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov drew attention of participants in the session to the current year’s objectives.

Addressing Chairperson of the national parliament A. Nurberdyeva, the head of state accentuated that the Mejlis of Turkmenistan should keep the work going on to improve the country’s legislative system. Special attention must be given to development of the new laws, contributing to strengthening of the country’s legal and economic foundation, taking into account the Turkmen people’s democratic values, the leader of nation continued, having stressed the importance of working out the actions plan jointly with the Cabinet of Minister to ensure the high organizational level of celebrations on the occasion of glorious 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s neutrality.

Our country’s revised Constitution should be prepared until May and submitted for consideration and approval at the Elders’ Council session, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov said, having emphasized that the tasks assigned to the Mejlis of Turkmenistan in the running year would receive more detailed consideration at a traditional annual meeting with deputies.

Touching upon the issues to be addressed by the country’s diplomatic corps, the head of state noted that in compliance with the 2013-2017 State Foreign Policy Concept of Turkmenistan, diplomats should systematically protect the country’s interests, take the measures to develop and strengthen mutually beneficial relations with different countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should prepare a program of visits for our country’s governmental delegations to foreign countries and foreign governmental delegations to Turkmenistan, as well as of international meetings and conferences, the leader of nation said.

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov also centered on the issues of thorough preparations for the events to take place in honor of the 25th anniversary of the country’s independence, as well as in connection with the Resolution “The role of transport-transit corridors in ensuring international cooperation for sustainable development”, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on our country’s initiative. The head of state also commissioned to prepare for an international Ashgabat conference on international cooperation in transport sector.

Addressing vice-premier B.Hojamammedov and the financial and economic complex leaders, the head of state placed emphasis on the adopted strategic, sectoral, target and regional programs. The leader of nation outlined further implementation of the policy, intended to ensure the high economic growth rate, upgrading the sectors, and preserving macroeconomic balance as the key objectives of the within-said complex.

The President of Turkmenistan pointed out that special attention should be paid to exports expansion and development of foreign-currency reserves.

As before, the main tasks set before the banking sector have been to keep the inflation rate in check within the prescribed limits (6.6 percent), and provide the national economy with the necessary financial resources through monetary control.

Dwelling upon the theme, the leader of nation emphasized that further improvement of the quality of life of the country’s population should also become one of the social policy objectives in the running year. The task should be addressed through enhancing efficiency of the healthcare system, the educational and cultural systems, as well as other types of economic activity, related to the service sector. President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov also emphasized the importance of continued implementation of the National Program on improving social and living conditions of the population of villages, settlements, etrap towns and etrap centers, and other national programs.

Speaking about the top-priority tasks assigned to the oil and gas complex leaders, the head of state stressed the importance of implementing the programs to promote the fuel and energy sector’s comprehensive modernization, including the plans for oil and gas exploration, field development, production and processing of raw hydrocarbons. All necessary measures should be taken to ensure energy security through Turkmen energy resources transportation diversified pipeline network, and accelerated realization of the important strategic Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project.

Having noted the significance of the oil processing industry’s development, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov emphasized that special priority in this regard should be given to finished products output on the basis of oil processing depth enhancement by upgrading the Turkmenbashy Complex of Oil Refineries. The leader of nation also pointed out the need for the systematic introduction of innovative technologies into the oil processing industry to boost output and exports of liquefied gas.

Turning to the tasks set before the capital construction complex, the head of state drew attention of vice-premier Sh.Durdylyev and sectoral institutions leaders to the large-scale building program for 2016. It envisages construction and commissioning of 387 large facilities, as well as assimilation of more than US $7 billion investment capital, the leader of nation said, having stressed that, as before, investments in the production and industrial sectors should be given priority.

Our country’s builders will have to assimilate some 5 billion manats for rural housing improvement. The funds will be invested in construction and renovation of hospitals, health centers, kindergartens, secondary schools, culture houses, as well as housing facilities, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov said, having stated the need for the continued active housing construction in cities by using the state funding, and attracting private investments. The work on improving power supply in the country’s regions and stepping up power exports were mentioned among the top-priority objectives.

Touching upon the preparations for the V Asian Games to be held in the white marble Turkmen capital in 2017, the head of state instructed Sh.Durdylyev, khyakims of Ashgabat city and its etraps to intensify efforts in this area. Roads and streets in the capital should be upgraded to international standards with special attention paid to design of the streets and avenues. If appropriate, consideration should be given to the issue of investing extra funds and engaging construction companies in the capital’s redevelopment process, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov said, having stressed that the work on creating Ashgabat’s modern architectural shape should be fully completed until the end of the running year.

Addressing vice-premier E.Orazgeldiev, khyakims of velayats and etraps, agricultural complex leaders, the head of state assigned to promptly deal with the issues concerning the establishment of new institutions – the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Industry and the State Committee for Environmental Protection and Land Resources, as well as their local agencies.

The practical implementation of the comprehensive program for agricultural reforms should be continued. With the aim to turn the country’s agricultural sector into a high-income-generating industry, it is necessary to apply new efficient methods to make the full use of the agroindustrial complex’s multi-aspect potential, widely apply advanced scientific and technical achievements and the world’s best practices, the President of Turkmenistan stressed.

To handle the tasks in view, enormous investments are made in ecology, wide application of innovative technologies in selective breeding, the protection of plants and animals, and the efficient use of water and land resources, the head of state continued. 1,600,000 tons of grain and 1,050,000 tons of cotton should be produced this year, the leader of nation said.

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov sorted out the stepping up of livestock production, increase in agricultural output, adequate supply of cities, villages, and the country’s agricultural sector with water, repair and construction of water development facilities, water treatment plants and water lifts as top-priority tasks.

Turning to the transport-communications sector, the head of state drew attention of vice-premier S.Satlykov and the sector’s leaders to the need for efficient use of the international railway’s potential, which links Europe and Asia, to modernize the sector, replenishment of motor, rail, water and air transport with modern equipment, and carrying on construction and reconstruction of railway stations and airports.

The leader of nation also stressed the importance of expanding cargo transportation (by all modes of transport), taking into account cargo carriage volumes in ministries, sectoral departments and private sector, as well as further construction of modern passenger bus terminals in the regional centers. The study of possibilities for opening new local flight services was mentioned as one of the main tasks. The head of state also assigned to carry out the appropriate work to create the country’s merchant navy and maintain the high construction paces of the Turkmenbashy International Seaport.

The cellular communications and television systems should be further developed in 2016, and computer technologies and Internet services with the use of Turkmen artificial satellite “Türkmenälem 52 °E” should be systematically introduced into the communications sector. This will make it possible to expand a range of services rendered to the country’s population, the President of Turkmenistan said.

Having touched upon the issues of further development of education and science, the leader of nation addressed vice-premier S.Toilyev and the relevant executives to stress the importance of improving higher education and science, setting up new education institutions, strengthening the sector’s logistics. This year the number of general education schools and pre-school institutions to be significantly increased in the country, the leader of nation continued, pointing out the need for intensification the work on training specialists for this complex.

Under the conditions of transition to industrial-innovation development methods, science is considered as the important factor in building the scientific and technical potential and our country’s modernization, the head of state said, having commissioned to draw up the sector’s state development program until 2021.

The effective measures should be undertaken in such priority trend of Turkmenistan’s state policy as the healthcare system development, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov said, having mentioned the work ongoing in this field in the framework of the “Saglyk” Program.

Dwelling upon the topic, the leader of nation also highlighted the necessity to boost the development of sports, take the effective integrated steps on preparations for the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. The head of state emphasized the importance of training specialists to maintain the Olympic Village facilities, and organize international competitions there.

Not the least important is the promotion of international tourism in our country, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov continued, having noted that development of the “Avaza” National Tourist Zone remains one of the priority trends in the country’s tourist trade.

Addressing vice-premier M.Yazmuhammedova and the mass media senior executives, the head of state stressed the significance of enhancing the quality of TV and radio programs, which should reflect the positive transformations ongoing in society, our country’s remarkable achievements made in the anniversary year. All the events in honor of the glorious 25th anniversary of sacred independence should be prepared and held at the highest level in terms of organization and content, the leader of nation said.

Speaking about the tasks of creating the modern infrastructure of the country’s trade sector, the President of Turkmenistan instructed P.Taganov and the sector’s leaders to continue the work on construction of new shopping centers and supermarkets countrywide, as well as to take the measures for improve activity of the State Commodities and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan.

Touching upon the industrial sector development, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov addressed vice-premier B.Ereshov and the sector’s senior executives to emphasize that special consideration should be given to the production of import-substituting output, strengthening of domestically-produced industrial goods positions in the world market, as well as taking the steps to ensure Turkmenistan’s economic and technological security.

Priority attention must be given to development of the processing industry, services and transport-communications sectors. On this basis, the raw material orientation of economic growth should be gradually reduced, the head of state said.

Construction of the large industrial facility – mining-and-processing complex for the production of potash fertilizers at the Garlyk deposit in Koytendag etrap should be well under way, the leader of nation said.

The production of various building materials to meet the international standards must be expanded, the head of state said, having emphasized that this task should be tackled through remodeling of existing and construction of new enterprises.

Speaking about the fish industry’s main development trends, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov underlined that stepping up of fish production, improvement of quality, modernization of fish processing technologies are expected in the industry.

Pointing out the need for keeping the work going on creating the electronics industry with some good progress achieved in this field, the head of state stressed that then number of joint enterprises should be considerably increased in this area this year.

Summing up his speech, the President of Turkmenistan emphasized that in the context of large-scale activities, specified by this year’s program, serious responsibility for its implementation is placed on the state authorities and all-level executives. As before, senior officials should work in close cooperation and ensure the high organizational level of work, while taking the necessary measures to solve the tasks set before them, the head of state emphasized.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)