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Session of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan

On February 5, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov convened a regular Cabinet session to sum up the running year’s one-month state-of-the-economy results, to consider a number of draft documents, some personnel matters, as well as other important issues of state life.
After announcing the session agenda, the nation’s leader gave the floor to Cabinet Deputy Chairman, Senior Manager of the Presidential and Cabinet Administration Office P. Taganov to report on the one-month activity in the sectors he is responsible for.

Pointing out the relaxation of discipline in the trade sector, detected bribery cases among senior executives, in particular in the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations, lack of consideration to training of specialists, nonfulfillment of the commissions given earlier, the head of state noted that P. Taganov had failed to perform his official duties.  During his two-plus years as Cabinet Deputy Chairman, he was unable to organize the work efficiently. In this connection, the nation’s leader announced a decision to relieve P. Taganov of his post for the serious shortcomings in the work.

The head of state also gave a severe reprimand to Minister of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations B. Abaev for the improper execution of his official duties and shortcomings in the work.

The President of Turkmenistan appointed B. Atdaev Cabinet Deputy Chairman, having relieved him of the position of Supreme Control Chamber Chairman and placed him in charge of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations, the State Commodities and Raw Materials Exchange, the Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Union. B. Atdaev was also made responsible for Akhal velayat.

Vice-Chairman of the Supreme Control Chamber, Ch. Gylyjov was appointed Chairman of the institution.

The head of state appointed Vice-Premier Sh. Durdylyev Senior Manager of the Presidential and Cabinet Administration Office, having relieved him of responsibility for Akhal velayat.

After signing the relevant documents on personnel changes, the nation’s leader continued the session.

Cabinet Deputy Chairman B. Hojamammedov presented a report on the outcomes of the country’s socio-economic development in this year’s January, and key figures for 2015. According to the macroeconomic analysis results, last year’s GDP growth rate made up 106.5 percent, including in the following sectors: industry – 103.1 p c; construction – 108.1 p c; transport and communications – 109.8 p c; trade –110.4 p c; agriculture –107.9 p c; services – 109.8 p c.

As compared to last year’s index, the growth rate of assimilated investments from all financial sources increased by 7.8. 

Based on this year’s January work results of ministries and sectoral agencies, production growth rates reached 103.4 percent. High performance indicators were recorded in all sectors of the national economy. 

Over the period under review, retail trade turnover grew by 17.5 percent in comparison with the same period of last year. Rates of services, rendered to the population as well as prices for consumer products remained unchanged.

The Main Financial Plan revenues made up 110.2 p c and expenditures amounted to 88.2 p c. Wages, pensions, state and student benefits were duly paid.

In compliance with the revised National Development Program 111 social purpose buildings, 23 water and sewage treatment facilities, as well as dwelling houses and engineering facilities were under construction countrywide. The volume of assimilated investments reached 156.9 million manats.

As for the industrial sector development in velayats, 183 facilities have been completed by now, 135 construction projects are well underway. 

The Vice-Premier’s report also covered preparation of a draft Resolution on approving the List of Products subject to certification for exportation from Turkmenistan.

Having approved the submitted document, the nation’s leader signed the Resolution and gave the Vice-Premier a number of issue-related commissions.

Cabinet Deputy Chairman, Director of the State Agency for the Management and Use of Hydrocarbon Resources under the President of Turkmenistan Ya. Kakaev informed about the one-month outcomes of the activities in the oil-and-gas sector and the implementation progress of the “Turkmenistan’s Oil-and-Gas Industry Development Program for the period till 2030”.

The report also focused on the technical-and-economic indices for the production of oil, gas condensate, natural and associated gas, well drilling, oil and gas processing, the output of gasoline, diesel fuel, polypropylene, lubricants, and other petrochemical products, as well as on the progress of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project.

Having emphasized the significant role of the fuel and energy complex in the country’s economy, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov demanded to carry out an in-depth analysis of the sector’s resources and use its untapped reserves to boost oil and gas production and processing.

The nation’s leader instructed to ensure constant control over the progress of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project, strengthening of the fuel and energy sector’s logistics, and training of qualified specialists for the oil-and-gas industry.

Then a report was made by Cabinet Deputy Chairman E. Orazgeldiev, who informed about the outcomes of work, done in the sectors answerable to him, in the running year’s January.

On the whole, the production growth rates, the rates of works and services accomplished in the agroindustrial complex reached 105.4 percent, in particular the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Economy – 103.9 p c; the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Environment Protection and Land Resources – 106.7 p c; the State Food Industry Association – 110.9 p c; the “Turkmen Atlary” State Association – 122.4 p c.

As compared to last year’s similar period, the production of bread and bread products rose by 14 percent, dairy products – by 1.7 percent, meat – by 1 percent. The plan for the use of investments by the sector’s ministries and agencies was 164.1 percent fulfilled.

Reporting on the implementation progress of the earlier presidential assignments, the Vice-Premier centered on the measures taken to expand the production, processing and export of fruit, vegetable and cucurbitaceous products. 

In the after-report comments, the President of Turkmenistan concentrated on the issues of sustainable use of water resources and adequate supply of farmlands with irrigation water. As the nation’s leader noted, according to scientists, the year is expected to be hot and dry. It is the right time now to check the state of water storage facilities in the country, and to take necessary measures to fill them with water. The head of state also assigned to make every effort to clear and deepen the beds of the rivers and canals. 

The running year’s one-month outcomes of the activities in the national economy’s industrial sector, he is in charge of, were in the center of the report made by Cabinet Deputy Chairman B. Ereshov. As for the Ministry of Industry of Turkmenistan, the plan for works, production output and services was 127.5 percent executed, the rate of growth reached 109.3 percent. In particular, the production of the following materials made up in percentage terms: cement – 105.5; non-metallic building materials – 116; claydite and reinforced concrete components – 101.2 and 102.7 respectively.

The production plan of the Ministry of Textile Industry was 112.2 percent implemented with the growth rate of 103.8 percent. Good growth rates were recorded in the production of cotton fabrics – 103.7 p c, knitwear and ready-to-wear garments – 105.9 p c.

Enterprises of the “Turkmenhaly” State Association 106.6 percent fulfilled their production plans for January, the rate of growth totaled 104.3 percent. Over the period under report, carpet enterprises produced 3, 217 sq. meters of carpet products.

The production growth rates in the “Turkmenhimiya” State Concern made up 126.1 percent, including mineral fertilizers – 103 p c; technical iodine and technical carbon – 100.4 p c and 100 p c respectively, sodium sulfate – 109.1 p c.

The production plan in the entire sector was 110.2 percent executed.

The growth rate of works accomplished by the State Fishery Committee of Turkmenistan amounted to 170.9 p c, including fishing activity – 100.2 p c, processing and canning of different fish products – 118 p c.

Summing up the report, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov gave a number of commissions on increasing industrial exports.

The head of state also gave instructions concerning the renovation and enhancement of performance efficiency of the “Turkmenhaly” State Association enterprises. The head of state also concentrated on the need to take measures to tackle the tasks of selling carpet products at the foreign markets.

In his turn, Cabinet Deputy Chairman, Senior Manager of the Presidential and Cabinet Administration Office Sh. Durdylyev delivered a report on the January work outcomes achieved in the sectors, he is responsible for.

As informed, self-supporting enterprises and organizations of the Ashgabat city’s khyakimlik 103.9 percent fulfilled the production and services plan. The growth rate made up 108.9 percent against last year’s indicator. 

The total sum of the funds assimilated by enterprises of the capital’s khyakimlik was equal to 521, 540, 000 manats. The growth rate reached 103.9 percent in comparison with the same period of 2015.

The production performance, works accomplished and services rendered by the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of Turkmenistan were 124.5 percent above the target. The rate of growth amounted to 102.4 percent.

The production and services plan was 122.6 percent fulfilled by subdivisions of the Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan. As before, the growth rate remained high and reached 109 percent in comparison with the same period of last year. The growth rates of energy production in the country and its exports stood at 100.1 p c and 106.6 p c respectively.

The Ministry of Municipal Services of Turkmenistan 113.9 percent fulfilled its work plan for January with the rate of growth reaching 110.8 percent against last year’s indicator.

The “Turkmenavtoyollary” State Concern 105 percent implemented its production, works and services plan. The growth rate made up 106.5 percent.

The report also included the information about the progress of the city-planning works.

In the report follow-up comments, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov stressed that local building firms had accumulated a wealth of work experience, having realized many complicated construction and engineering projects over recent years, and gave a number of commissions on further improvement of the activity.  

Interior Minister of Turkmenistan I. Mulikov, invited to the Cabinet Session, centered his report on the measures taken to maintain public order and prevent crimes.

Then, the President of Turkmenistan drew attention of the session participants to one more important issue. Considerable improvements in the people’s material well-being over the past few years have contributed to the fact that some citizens buy several apartments and rent them out. However, no relevant legal provisions have been yet introduced on the issue.

Having expressed serious remarks addressed to the senior executives of the Ministry of the Interior, local authorities and khyakimliks concerning their irresponsible attitude towards the issue, the head of state demanded to develop an official registration system for renting out apartments, and to establish a legal framework for it. As stressed, those, who take a lease of apartments, should be granted a temporary official residential registration. Both property owners and tenants should observe provisions of the law, and interact with the State Taxation Service as established by law, the nation’s leader noted, having given a number of concrete assignments to the relevant executives.

The President of Turkmenistan assigned Vice-Premiers Sh. Durdylyev and B. Hojamammedov, Interior Minister I. Mulikov to make an inventory of all dwelling houses in Ashgabat and if necessary, prepare a relevant draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Reporting on the performance of supervised structures in January, Cabinet Deputy Chairwoman M.Yazmuhammedova informed that a number of events took place in the capital and regions of the country in the first decade of month. The issues of implementing the work plan for 2016 that was announced the Year of Honoring the Heritage, Reforming the Homeland were discussed in institutions and departments of the Ministry of Culture. To hold it at the high level the Actions Plan was approved by the Presidential Decree and the Organizing Committee was created. As was noted by the vice-premier, in accordance with the Actions Plan conferences, exhibitions, competitions, musical and song celebrations, creative meetings were held in January.

The Turkmen State Publishing Service issued 41 kinds of book products since the beginning of year, including 15 textbooks. The commercial products plan was fulfilled 128.7 percent.

The State Committee of Turkmenistan on TV, Radio and Cinematography is working on providing high quality of television programs, timely information of the public about the events ongoing in the country. The mass media continued to highlight the nature and value of the foreign and domestic policy of independent neutral Turkmenistan, and large-scale reforms being carried out in the country.

Commenting on the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused on the need for further improvement of activities in the spheres of culture and mass media in accordance with the objectives and requirements of the time.

Speaking about organization of activities on the occasion of Year of Honoring the Heritage, Reforming Homeland, the Turkmen leader focused on the multidimensional work to popularize the rich national cultural heritage of the Turkmen people and its in-depth study.

In this regard, the President addressed vice-premiers M.Yazmuhammedova and S.Toylyev and pointed to the need for imparting to schoolchildren knowledge of the national cultural heritage and carrying on this work in universities.

Then, vice premier S.Toylyev reported on the work results in supervised areas of education, science, health, sports and tourism.

As was noted, traditionally the beginning of the first month of year was marked by New Year celebrations, which coincided with the winter school holidays, during which festive events for children, as well as theatrical performances, a variety of tours and competitions were organized in the capital and provincial centers. All necessary conditions were created for the recreation of children in children's health improving centers in Gokdere and regions. The report was given also that in January Turkmen students took part in international subject Olympiads, performing successfully and winning 5 bronze medals.

In the period under report 15 textbooks and manuals were published. Under the guidance of the head of state in the Year of Honoring the Heritage, reforming the Homeland the “Dictionary of Turkmen language” and “Spelling Dictionary of Turkmen language” were published.

It was also noted that the sectoral institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan developed a number of technological regulations of construction, industrial and conceptual designs that are introduced into production.

During the accounting period by order of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry the work was carried out on the construction of 7 projects. The growth rate in terms of funds received in January from the state voluntary medical insurance, amounted to 105 per cent. This figure for providing services and products sales is equal to 110 per cent. The growth rate in terms of producing medicines amounted to 108 per cent, and foreign currency profits to 102.6 percent.

Reporting on the state of affairs in the tourism sector, the Cabinet Deputy Chairman said that the growth rate for the total profits derived in January from the financial and economic activity of the State Committee of Turkmenistan for Tourism reached 102.8 percent. During the accounting period the tourist service growth rate was 101 percent.

The “National Program for the development of sports and training elite athletes in Turkmenistan in 2012-2016” was successfully implemented. During the reporting period, two meetings of the Organizing Committee for the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games took place, the agenda of which included the topical issues of preparation for these major international competitions. These issues were also discussed at a meeting with the President of the Olympic Council of Asia, who was in our country last month on a working visit. In the framework of preparation for the 2017 Asian Games and study of international best practices representatives of Turkmenistan visited a number of foreign countries.

During the accounting period, our country held 9 domestic competitions, and 5 mass sporting events. Turkmen athletes took part in five international competitions, where they won 12 medals, including 5 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze.

Noting the need to keep under the strict control all these areas important tasks, the Turkmen leader gave the vice-premier a number of specific instructions in this respect.

Further, focusing on the use of recreational resources of the “Avaza” National Tourist Zone, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave vice-premiers S.Toylyev and B.Hojamammedov a number of assignments related to the attraction of tourists in the autumn-winter period.

Cabinet Deputy Chairman S.Satlykov made a report on the work results in transport and communications sector in January of this year. As was reported by the vice-premier, in general, during the period under report the plan for works and services was fulfilled 107.1 per cent, and the growth rate reached 104.9 percent.

Across the Ministry of Railway Transport the plan was fulfilled 111.3 percent. Implementation of the cargo turnover plan amounted to 115.7 percent. In passenger carrying this value reached 102.9 percent.

Reporting on the growth rate in providing services by the Ministry of Road Transport, the Cabinet Deputy Chairman said that during the period under report, the figure was 100.9 percent, the growth rate for cargo - 100.6 per cent, while passenger traffic - 101.2 percent.

Across the Ministry of Communications the work implementation pace reached 106.4 percent in January of 2016. During the aforesaid period 43.5 thousands telephone points were installed, including 39.8 thousand and 3.7 thousand cellular telephone stationary points. At the same time, the plan was fulfilled 185 percent. Within the framework of the National Rural Development Program 142 kilometers of networks were laid.

In the accounting period, the growth rate in the State National Service “Turkmenhowayollary” for providing air services amounted to 125.7 percent. The freight and passenger transportation indices were 117.4 and 101.4 percent, respectively.

The growth rate for works and services provided in January by the State Service of Maritime and River Transport reached 104.2 percent. The figure for freight traffic was 130 per cent, and passengers’ transportation - 112.7 percent.

The vice-premier also submitted the draft Decree for consideration by the leader of nation on purchase of freight wagons for the Ministry of Railway Transport.

Commenting on the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused on the need to take practical steps in order to successfully implement the development programs in our country’s transport and communications sectors. Turkmenistan is located at a strategic crossroads of trade routes, and in this regard the importance of our country as an important international transport center is becoming increasingly relevant, the Turkmen leader continued, having given the vive-premier a number of issue-related instructions.

Signing the Decree on procurement of freight cars for the Ministry of Railway Transport, the President of Turkmenistan instructed the vice-premier to keep the strict control over the implementation of the provisions contained in this document.

Cabinet Deputy Chairman, Minister of Foreign Affairs R.Meredov reported on performance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs over the past month in the context of implementing of the Foreign Policy Concept of the country for 2013-2017 and fulfillment of the Presidential commissions.

Thus, during the accounting period Turkmenistan was visited by 21 foreign delegations. At the same time, 40 Turkmen delegations were sent to foreign countries. For the aforesaid period various events were organized in Turkmenistan in cooperation with foreign partners, including conferences, meetings, etc.

On the strengthening of friendly relations and mutually beneficial partnership between Turkmenistan and other countries targeted bilateral ministerial consultations, held on a regular basis. In particular, a number of consultations took place in January.

Commenting on the report, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov emphasized the key tasks set before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the diplomatic corps of the country in the light of the consistent implementation of the foreign policy strategy of Turkmenistan. Speaking of which, the President stressed the need to maximize the available opportunities for further deepening and expanding mutually beneficial cooperation with all interested foreign partners, addressed to the Deputy Prime Minister, head of the Foreign Ministry of a number of relevant instructions.

Continuing the theme of the Turkmen leader said that the Deputy Prime Minister, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs R. Meredov 7-11 February sent on a business trip in the city of Geneva (Switzerland) and Vienna (Austria) in order to hold meetings with the heads of international organizations, and discuss cooperation, and as the respective programs.

During the meeting the Turkmen leader signed a decree conferring Sh.Meredov diplomatic rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and appointing him Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan in the Kyrgyz Republic (Bishkek).

Presidential decree M.Seyitmammedov appointed General Consul of Turkmenistan to the Republic of Turkey (Istanbul), and dismissed the consul of the Consulate General of our country in Turkey.

The Turkmen leader also signed a number of personnel documents, freeing M.Dovdanova from the post Consul of Turkmenistan in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Aktau) in connection with his transfer to another job, and appointing to this position M.Ovezova.

Decree of the Head of the state A.Gochmyradov appointed vice-consul of the Consulate of Turkmenistan to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (g.Mazari-Sharif).

Chairperson of the Mejlis A. Nurberdyeva reported on activities of the national parliament in the first months of the year. Thus, during the reporting period held one meeting of the Mejlis, which was adopted 17 laws of Turkmenistan and 9 of resolution of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan.

It is currently preparing draft legislation of Turkmenistan connected with the further economic, political and cultural development of the country, human rights protection, nature conservation, strengthening of local authorities, the implementation of foreign policy of independent neutral state and others.

Work continues on improving the Basic Law of Turkmenistan in accordance with the tasks set by the Head of State at the meeting with the deputies on January 12 this year. The results and key issues of the constitutional reform were discussed at held on 2 February next meeting of the Constitutional Commission of Turkmenistan.

MPs set to work to explain to the masses improved version of the Constitution, submitted to a nationwide discussion of the draft new edition of the Basic Law.

Having been informed, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused on the tasks planned for the coming period, noting as a top priority to ensure a prosperous and happy life for every citizen of the country, respect for the full rights and freedoms.

The leader of the nation gave the target installation in several areas of the Mejlis of activities in the context of the construction of a democratic legal secular state, the rule of law and order, to further improve the social conditions of the population, the comprehensive development of economy, science, education and culture, as well as the system of local government and self-government, civil institutions.

Then, referring to the chairman of the Majlis and the relevant Vice-Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers, the President noted that an important task is to properly manage the country's economy. It is necessary to establish and increase the production of import-substituting products, to take measures to increase the volume of exports of domestic goods. In this context, the President stressed the need to accelerate reforms aimed at improving governance.

The Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, this year it is necessary to fully implement all of the work provided by the National Rural program that should be one of our priorities. We need to adequately meet the 25th anniversary of independence of our sovereign state, and therefore in the jubilee year in every town and village should be built and put into operation new facilities, said President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Ceremonies their discoveries should demonstrate a high level of achievement of our independent Motherland and stay in people's memory.

During the Cabinet meeting, some other issues of public life were also considered and the relevant decisions were made.

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